SINOHERS to showcase at the 2024 Hannover Messe in Germany


From April 22 to 26, 2024, the world's largest industrial event, the Hannover Messe, will take place. SINOHERS, a hydrogen technology company specializing in high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology, will be exhibiting at booth Hall13-E08.


The Hannover Messe, established in August 1947, has evolved and perfected over more than half a century to become the largest international industrial event today. It is considered a crucial international gathering connecting the global technology and business sectors. 

SINOHERS will showcase products related to high-temperature PEM fuel cell technology at the exhibition, including high-temperature proton exchange membranes, membrane electrodes, stacks, and 5kW power generation system modules. Of note, this exhibition will focus on recommending SINOHERS’ high-temperature membrane fuel cell cogeneration products. These products use methanol as fuel, producing 220V/380V AC electricity and 50-85°C hot water after operation, with the flexibility of both grid-connected and off-grid operation. It is an ideal choice for the next generation of cogeneration products and represents a low-carbon and eco-friendly cogeneration method. 

During the exhibition, we sincerely invite interested domestic and international companies and partners to visit booth Hall13-E08 for collaboration and exchange. With excitement and anticipation, we look forward to sharing and discussing the future path of green energy and sustainable development with elites from various fields.