HT-PEMFC Power Bench
ProductsHT-PEMFC Power Bench
Test HT-PEMFC with power ranging from 1-30kW. Under the premises of high quality, high precision, high safety, and high reliability, the following can be achieved: dozens of safety tests such as airtightness tests, hydrogen leakage tests, permissible working pressure tests, overpressure tests, as well as stack activation tests and module operation tests; continuous and short-term electrical power tests, polarization curve experiments under different conditions, and a series of performance tests. With over 40 cumulative testing items, comprehensive test demonstrations and factory inspections can be provided for customers’ stack research and development and production

Product Features

  • More than 40 cumulative testing items, providing test verification and final inspection for the research and development, as well as production of electric propulsion


  • Airtightness test, hydrogen leakage test, permitted working pressure test.


  • Dozens of tests including overpressure tests.


  • A series of performance tests, including polarization curve tests under different conditions.


Technical Specifications

Size: L*W*H(mm)1400*1240*1920
Pipe Pressure(MPa)≤0.6
Pipe Material316 stainless steels
Input PowerAC 380V/50Hz
Power (kW)2
Test ItemsHT-PEMFC Stacks
Polarization curve test
Monitoring and analyzing the consistency of the operating characteristics of each unit
Starting performance test
Steady state test
Dynamic condition test
Activation test
Durability test
Real-time Monitoring and Abnormal Alarm